Careers at Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition

We are actively seeking the best and brightest minds in various fields to join us on our important mission. Working at the IMCTC opens the doorway to a world of cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary opportunities. We are committed to providing an engaging, dynamic, and inclusive environment – so we welcome talent from all nationalities and walks of life.

Apply today to make a difference in this world we share!

The “Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition” is a global organization composed of dozens of countries coming together to combat violent extremist activities worldwide.

Established in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this global organization will provide a platform for member countries to collaborate on various topics and execute robust counter extremism programs.

The coalition will also offer a wide range of value-add services to member countries in order to enhance their capabilities in fighting violent extremist ideology.

The coalition will conduct operations in a state-of-the-art center, and employ international standards/leading practices to provide excellence in both thought leadership and action.

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